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Nov 30

Going gone for good. Yesterday I turned into a monster, and now that I’ve gained a bit if my clear mind back— please. Asking followers for some help. This tumblr is filled with a lot of things. My interests. Porn. A ton of perverted stuff. XD But it’s also filled with Please go there and drop by some friendly reminders to take over this tumblr. I don’t want to tell my story anymore, it’s… a hurtful reminder. So hey. Go over there and remind her to pick this up and make sure I can’t get to it, because when I get into some very bad moods, I am the worst person ever and I hurt myself a lot. 

Just a really, really quick favor. Because I need it, and I need help. I need to be put down and locked away. At least the side of me where I’ve turned into something I can’t handle. That side of me is spreading, and fast. 

Anons, you’ve helped out before. Please do this once more. Please. 

Tumblr— you’ve been awesome. 

People— you’ve been awesome. 

Everyone take care. 

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I suffer from that syndrome where your neutral expression makes it look like you’re a angry serial killer

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following back tons, message me if i missed you x


following back tons, message me if i missed you x

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doccubus + tv tropes

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why are we not talking about xena warrior princess she’s a hot chick that kills people where’s the huge fandom.

did somebody call?


We’re ready for lift-off




I made two~

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*jokes about making out with you until it actually happens*

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Two things I believe I’ll wish for. 

1) Amnesia and when I come back to this world, it’ll be a pretty damned nice place with only my favorite people remaining and people that I would get along with. 

2) Multiple people who understand and interact with me and actually give a damn and support/give me ideas as to who I am and what I should do in life. 

Ahh, I also forgot about more free time and less stress. 

peachlick79 said: . . . Dammit, this is turning into a problem. I just want to enjoy scrolling through your blog and get hints about what you like, but fuck, I think I'm falling in love. 0w=;; This is more than annoying, this is irritatingly frustrating.


sorry??? I think????????

Hrmmm, not necessarily your problem here. But yes, it is a problem. Ahh well. Good job for being this interesting. =w=

allmanga23-deactivated20140614 said: Aww thanks. I like making new friends. I just didn't want you to get the wrong idea when I sent the ask which is why I didn't send my last one on anon.

Accckkk, but you did send it on anon!! X’D Well, it’s okay. =) Amber here. Ahh!! And I love your blog— got me smiling about the Vegeta avenging Bulma there. It’s high-quality and simple, not to mention SFW. It’ll be a new SFW browsing experience for me. XD 

peachlick79 said: Hello, professional cutie. ^w^ What are you preaching? ;3






hello, Amber. it’s a pleasure to finally meet you

*grins* Not the way I’m feeling right now, Rachel. So. Thing is, I’m sure Jessica has filled you in on how we ‘broke up’ ((hate that wording)). And of course, I’m feeling rather slightly pissed off. Understatement of the year. In order for me to even let that out, I’d planned to a) get to know you and just make hell b) send you our past messages and make you jealous c) I honestly don’t even know anymore. ^w^ I’m sure you wouldn’t choose either option, but hell. It. Fucking. Hurts. And you’re supposed to get over it. But obviously I’m not so if I get into some really weird mood and a) try to seduce you b) try to rile you up into hatred c) some other random ass mood I’m prone to— then please just… just deal with it. XD Take care. 

I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling under the weather, Amber. I do hope you feel better  soon. 

Soon would be the best option ever. And if you want to help me with that, it definitely wouldn’t be a problem. 

hit me with your best shot

Are you honestly inviting me to chow your gay? =w= Amusing enough, but ahhh, damn, my morals aren’t letting me touch you. *grins ruefully* Sorry, Rachel. You’re all Jess’. For the moment. ;) But if I have another mood swing like the last one… you’re going to be mush~ <3

Nov 29

allmanga23-deactivated20140614 said: You don't even know me. So you probably already don't know I exists. I was just doing the assume thingy you posted based on what I have seen of your post

*laughs* Sorry. Pretty bad timing there— actually, awesome timing. XD No, I don’t forgive and I don’t forget, and I assumed that had come from an old ‘friend’ *snorts* of mine. And hey. If you want, I can interact with you. I want to know you exist.

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